January 2011 Critical Mass Gathering

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Truman Medical Center hosted the June meeting of the Greater Kansas City Medical Society on Saturday, June 4, 2011, from 12-3 p.m. Over 40 members and guests enjoyed a special viewing of “from Separate to Equal – a film about the history of the development of Truman Medical Centers” Following the film, John Bluford, CEO of Truman Medical Centers, addressed the group. In addition, there was a panel discussion about the film and the state of The Black Physician in the bi-state area.

At the turn of the twentieth century, African-American doctors, nurses and patients were excluded from most Kansas City area hospitals. The realities of segregation created the need for Black health care institutions. The film titled: From Separate to Equal: The Creation of Truman Medical Centers is a documentary that tells the dramatic history of some of greater Kansas City’s African-American health care pioneers and their efforts which led to the creation of Black hospitals such as Douglass Hospital and General Hospital Number 2 and finally to the complete integration of the health care system and giving rise to Truman Medical Centers.

To view the 60 minute film on your computer, click the following link.
From Separate to Equal 

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