Future of the Negro Medical Organizations

NMA Article


With the integration of many of the local U. S. medical societies by the early 1960’s, many African American doctors were re-evaluating the importance of “Negro” medical organizations. In response,  W. Montague Cobb, MD, wrote an editorial for the Journal of the National Medical Association regarding the future of “Negro” medical organizations.  The editorial puts into perspective the important role of the Negro physician in the delivery of health care in American since the 1870’s.

Click the following link to download this important historical document. The Future of Negro Medical Organizations.

Click on the following links to download the powerpoint/pdf presentations by Dr Vernon Mills and and Dr. Donald Peghee regarding the history of Kansas City area African American physicians..

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History of Black Doctors      History of Black Doctors
KC area Trailblazers            KC area Trailblazers

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